Multi trillion dollar global markets powered by Crypto right at your finger tips.

PeopleTrust App is one of our many utilities that gives investors the power to invest their staking rewards in real-word assets and global markets. Through building a vast network of real-world investment instruments that is reliable, powerful, creative, efficient, effective, connected & influential, and using People Token as the primary investment instrument throughout this vast ecosystem.

  • Multiple ROI and shared revenues through diverse real world revenue generating instruments.
  • Staked capital security through revenue reserves
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why people token

Giving Back Wealth To The People!

Liquidity Locked for 300 Years

Want to be a part of something that will truly outlive you? something that future generations can remember your bravery and courage by being alongside millions of other people all over the world? The People Token LP is locked with Pinklock for the next 300 years, it's not a question whether we would be here by then, it's the boldness to know that the work we had started would outlive us and would be passed from one generation to the next.

4% Rewards in USDT

4% of the buy and sell tax will be redistributed to all People Token holders owning at least 0.001% of the supply! The Rewards will be paid in USDT everyday!

People Focused

We are relentless, dauntless and focused! The People Token amongst several other things is championing causes that affects people all over the world and consistently seek for ways we can give by partnering with several charity organizations all over the globe through our Charity arm; The People Initiative.



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Tokenized Trendy video sharing and social platform for everyone.

Watch, create and earn.
Get rewarded for your work, passion or hobby. Tokenized rewards system to get paid for what you do daily for free on other platforms!

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Powered By Real People - A Global Army!

The People Token is primarily powered by real People all over the world from all walks of life just like you, people who are tired of cryptocurrency being used as a mechanism to drain funds and liquidity out of the crypto market and pockets of retail investors.

Peer to Peer

Our in development fast and borderless decentralized exchange (DEX) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. Users remain in control of their private keys and this mitigate against any risk associated with dealing with a Controlled body or platform. Funds generated from fees through our Dex are used to strengthen our entire ecosystem and shared with holders in a separate pool/funding scheme.


People.live is the ultimate hangout space for People all over the world, with features that prioritize user Data safety and reward users for the Data and content that they create. People.live will rewards users with the People Token native tokens for all of their interactions online which users can then swap into stable coins and withdraw to their external wallets via the inbuilt People.live wallet after the minimum required threshold withdrawal is reached.

Market Place

Wherever there's people, there's bound to be transactions. Our in-development fun and quirky market place is designed for the People Token community everywhere to showcase their goods, skills or services in a light-hearted experimental market place that focuses on social interaction, mixed with commerce. Here you can buy or sell anything legal by using only the people token as currency!

An Unlimited World of Breathtaking Possibilities

People Token investors have access to diverse latest markets wealth generating investment opportunities. As an investor, you will be able to track your investment portfolios, claim rewards and ROI in multiple stable coins to mitigate against potential price fluctuation of the native token, in essence, investors can invest in various different high performing markets with a minimal set holdings and redeem ROI in stable coins, all on our in-development central user App, the PeopleTrust.

The AI market is emerging and has one of the most promising future in the global market. As a project, we have positioned ourselves to benefit immensely from this emerging market through the PeopleTrust Platform; and distribute our share of revenue evenly across our holders globally, as we invest rewards for holders through fees generated through our vast ecosystem, according to the individual share and holding of the People Token.

Cloud computing is forecasted to gradually become one of the top players of the global market in the next 10 years with the world turning to cleaner, more efficient means of cloud and power generation. Through the PeopleTrust Platform, we are poised to be amongst the first active extended investors through our third party research and investment partners. The Global Cloud Technology market was valued at USD 405.65 billion in 2021. The market is anticipated to surge from USD 480.04 billion in 2022 to USD 1,712.44 billion by 2029 at 19.9% CAG

The Global Data estimates, the metaverse industry to grow from $22.79 billion in 2021 to $996.42 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 39.8% from 2022 to 2030. The People Token aims to capitalize on the Metaverse as one of its Key revenue instruments.

Robotics has changed the way we do simple, to complex and to larger things. With the ever increasing demand for robotics in fields like; Manufacturing, Agriculture and Food Preparation, Health Care and Military, the robotics market will be amongst the biggest players of the next several decades, just like the rest of the biggest emerging markets we have positioned ourselves as intentional investors through the People Trust and other 3rd party bodies similar to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). The Robotic Market stands to be one of our long term investment instruments, with Revenue shared across the People Token holders globally. The robotics market is currently valued at USD 2.9 Billion.

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Building into the future of Humanity.

Our ecosystem and combined revenue instruments are estimated to climb a $3 billion valuation in total annual revenue-share within the first 5 years, and stand to champion the global crypto adoption, by removing the boundaries that applies to cryptocurrencies in the day to day commerce and “street businesses “ globally.

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Project idea began, partnerships and initial framework for development kickstarted.

January 2023

Team and Talent Assemble

Scouting and recruitment of talent and visionary skilled team members who's vision aligned perfectly with our core and overall objectives.

March, 2023

Project development and Launch

The People Token launch, intensive marketing and further development commenced by March 2023.

March, 2023

Post Launch Marketing

Our Presale and post Launch Marketing will kickstart immediately across several crypto platforms and communities through AMAs, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, PR Sites and mainstream media such as FOX, USA today and over 200 other news sites.

March, 2023

The People Token Genesis NFT Launch (PEOPLE - 3000AD)

The People Token Genesis NFT Collection are a unique collection of famous, Iconic and Inspirational People who have lived throughout history till date and have changed our world in one way or the other. The immersive and enchanting theme designed by one of the best NFT Artist in the crypto space will thrust these past and modern day historical figures into a complete dystopian future filled with intriguing story and mysterious journeys. Talk about an adventure! The Genesis NFTs will serve as the SOLE access key to their respective holders to explore our Metaverse and Tier 1 access to all of our ever expansive ecosystem and exclusive products.

July, 2023

The PeopleTrust and People.Live Initial Beta Test Phase

The initial test phase commencement of the PeopleTrust and People.Live.

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